Our small beeswax candles are made from 100 % natural beeswax, smell wonderfully of honey and have a beautiful creamy white color. They are made for us in a small candle factory in southern Germany, where each candle is made by hand by people with disabilities.

Beeswax is a valuable raw material and a high-quality natural product that is produced by honey bees for honeycomb construction. It represents an environmentally friendly alternative to other waxes such as paraffin or stearin and does not contain any substances that can be harmful to your health if burned.

Our candles burn extra long and bright, and are soot and drip-free (make sure stand upright). They fit into candle holders with a diameter of 1.2 or 1.3 cm, e.g. from Stoff Nagel or in the Grimm's birthday ring. They are also ideal for the festive lighting of your Christmas tree.

- lovingly made by hand

- Dimensions: 12 cm, diameter 1.3 cm

- 100% beeswax

- Burn time: about 2 hours

Please never leave candles burning unattended! Never place them near flammable objects (like curtains).