PIT germination tray monochrome

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For plant lovers, PIT is an ideal little helper that makes it easier to grow a wide variety of plants. The small handmade ring holds all previously sprouted kernels and nuts, for example avocado kernels, pine cones, acorns, chestnuts, walnuts or flower bulbs such as daffodils or hyacinths. PIT helps them develop into healthy young plants.

To do this, place the seed or the onion on the germination tray so that the roots look through the hole. For example, place PIT on a glass of water or a vase and watch your protégé grow. If you change the water every few days, give the plant a bright spot and love, it will soon develop plenty of roots so that you can plant it in the ground.

Choose from two versions:
with a small opening for e.g. nuts or a large one for avocado seeds and flower bulbs.

Material: Porcelain plaster
Diameter: about 8 cm
PIT will be delivered to you in a printed linen bag. Including instructions.

Note: Each germination tray has its own unique speckles, so yours will look a little different from the ones shown here. The characteristics can vary, especially with the salt & pepper variant.