Material, Care & Repair

Jewelry Care

What is Gold Filled?

The material of our choice is still little known in this country, but in the USA or France it is now a common alternative to expensive pure gold jewelry. For the production of gold-filled components, a high-quality alloy of 14-carat recycled gold is mechanically rolled onto a brass core and permanently bonded to the base metal at the welding temperature. The weight of the gold alloy is 1/20 of the total weight of the product, about 100 times more than gold plated products such as "gold plated" brass or silver. Since this process is purely mechanical, no questionable chemical substances are used as with classic gilding, which is good for the environment. Gold Filled is therefore a very valuable alloy that behaves like real gold. The result is a very high quality that waterproof is, lasts many years and can be easily worn by allergy sufferers.


How do I clean Gold Filled?

Dust, sweat and sebum can dull your gold filled jewelry over time. You can simply rub off dirt with a polishing cloth and make it shine again.


Jewelry Repair

Despite the great care we put into the manufacture of our products, things can always go wrong. If your piece of jewelry tears or breaks off after purchase, please contact us. It is best if you also send us a photo so we can get a better picture. We will inform you immediately about the possibilities for repair or replacement.