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jewelry care

What is brass?

Brass is what is known as a "copper alloy" and is made from at least 50% copper and up to 40% zinc. It is nickel free, does not cause allergic reactions and has a beautiful warm golden color which makes it look very classy. Over time, the brass ages, which sooner or later leads to a patina forming, i.e. darker discolorations. These occur naturally due to oxidation processes and show up particularly quickly when raw brass comes into direct contact with the skin. Our natural skin chemistry differs from person to person and so the changes on the metal are also very individual.


In order to stop early discolouration, all untreated brass elements (e.g. the pendants of most earrings and hoop earrings) are polished and treated with tarnish protection before they are sent to you. In addition, with every pair of earrings that contain raw brass, you will receive a little polishing wool and a small guide to care.


How do I clean raw brass?

You can either gently polish tarnished brass elements with fine steel wool (which is included with your order) or you can drip a little lemon juice over the brass and rub it in with a cotton swab. After a short exposure time, you can rinse off the brass with clear water. The lemon juice should now have noticeably lightened the metal.


How do I care for gilded brass or silver?

We use gold-plated brass or gold-plated 925 sterling silver for most of our jewelry. All hoop earrings, ear hooks, bracelet clasps, decorative beads or extensions are coated with a 24-carat gold layer and thus protect the underlying metal from wear and oxidation. It is completely normal for the gold layer to wear off with use, but how quickly this happens depends on the wear and tear of your personal skin chemistry.

We therefore advise you to remove the jewelry before any contact with water, body and sun creams, deodorants, perfumes and the like. Even if you sweat a lot at night when you exercise or go to the sauna, it's better to take off your jewelry beforehand. Our linen bags are ideal for longer storage, as they protect the jewelery from dust and oxidation.


jewelry repair

Despite the great care we put into the manufacture of our products, things can always go wrong. If your piece of jewelry tears or breaks off after purchase, please contact us. It is best if you also send us a photo so that we can get a better picture. We will inform you immediately about the possibilities for repair or replacement.