About us

SAN SAN is the design label of the interdisciplinary designer Janina Böhm. All products are carefully handcrafted by our small team in our studios in Münster and Cologne.

Our jewelry

We create unique, long-lasting jewelry using high-quality materials and rare bead finds. Beads of all kinds are our great passion, which is particularly evident in our colorful jewelry creations such as bracelets and earrings. We like to use vintage glass beads, which are several decades old (up to 120 years) and are given a "second life" through our designs, so to speak.

We rely on natural and high-quality basic materials so you can enjoy wearing our jewelry for a long time. All metal elements are made of Gold Filled, a high quality alloy that contains a thick layer of solid gold (made of 100 % recycled gold). Read more about our material here.


We avoid using petroleum based plastics such as vinyl, acrylic, acetate or polymer clay (Fimo) and prefer to use beads made from natural materials such as ceramic, glass, wood, metal or seashell.

You can find tips on how to care for our jewelry here.


Our home accessories

We not only love to make our "feel good jewelry", but also beautiful things for your home. From wall hangings to candle holders to prints, everything is designed and made in-house. We let ourselves be inspired by the organic forms of nature and Japanese reductionism and pay attention to high-quality materials and the best possible craftsmanship.


porcelain plaster

All products made of porcelain plaster (candlesticks and seed üpates) are cast, sanded and then oiled or varnished by hand. Porcelain plaster is environmentally friendly, impact and fire resistant and, when treated, repels water and dirt. Slight color deviations as well as a natural grain or inclusions in the material are characteristic and make each product something special.



The protection of our environment and its finite resources is immensely important to us, which is why we try to create an alternative to the usual candles made of paraffin (petroleum) or stearin (palm oil, mostly from monocultures) with our natural beeswax candles. Our candles are made from 100% natural beeswax from Europe and do not require the addition of any other wax. They smell pleasantly of honey and can also be safely placed on cakes or tarts as birthday candles.



About Janina


Her first necklace of antique Czech seed beads was created while she was studying design in the Netherlands. In the years that followed, what was first made for her own jewelry box delighted more and more people who bought the jewelry via design markets and the concept store "Unser Onkel" which Janina opened together with her mothe in 2013.
Since 2018, SAN SAN products can also be bought via our own online shop and since 2020 they can be found in some of the most beautiful concept stores and boutiques in Germany. We are very happy that the list of great retailers who carry our products is getting longer and longer. here you can see if SAN SAN is also available in stores near you.


You can find more insights and 'behind the scenes' snippets of our work on our Instagram feed @sansan_studio.

For press inquiries, please send us a message via our contact form.

Thank you very much for your interest in our small business.