Despite the great care we put into manufacturing our products, something can always go wrong. If your piece of jewelry tears or breaks after purchase, please contact us by email. It's best to send us a photo so that we can get a better picture. We will inform you as quickly as possible about the options for repair or replacement. Since it is not possible for us to confirm each repair shipment by email upon receipt, you will usually not receive an email from us about the arrival or return of your repair. In the event of a repair, the return shipment to you can sometimes take several weeks, as for organizational reasons we process repair requests in batches and can only send them once a month. Our core team consists of only two people and we strive to make communication and processing of your repair as quick and uncomplicated as possible. Please understand that depending on the order situation (especially in November and December) it can take up to four weeks. until we can process your repair.