LULA fruit cocktail - short necklace made of glass beads

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There is now a matching necklace to go with our popular LULA bracelet and hoop earrings!

LULA is handcrafted in our studios from Japanese glass beads, rare vintage beads and precious ones gold filled Metal elements with 14-carat real gold coating (made from recycled gold).

Since our metal elements are made from high-quality 14 carat gold filled the chain is waterproof for several years and does not have to be removed every time you take a shower.

The length is adjustable, approx. 41 - 43.5 cm.

Suitable for allergy sufferers, made from recycled gold. Our gold filled jewelry is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or while swimming. However, in order to enjoy the piece of jewelry for several years, you should not bring it into contact with water every day. Direct contact with creams, lotions, perfumes, hairspray and other cosmetics can also affect the luster of pearls. The necklace will be delivered to you in a small jewelry box. If your chain breaks, please contact us for a repair.