LENTE will put you in a good mood, for sure. In Dutch, "lente" means spring and just like it, these bracelets bring color, light and maybe a bit of lightheartedness to your everyday life.

The bracelets from this series are reminiscent of the friendship bracelets that we used to give our best friends back in our childhood days. Maybe you also have a good friend who you miss very much right now and would like to make her happy with a lovely bracelet?

LENTE is delivered to you in a printed linen bag.

The delivery time for the bracelets can currently take up to 10 working days, thank you for your understanding!

Made from colorful glass beads and gold-plated metal elements. The clasp is made of gold-plated silver. All metal parts are nickel free.

The length is adjustable, about 17.5 -19 cm.

In order enjoy your bracelet for as long as possible, it is better not to come into contact with water, deodorants, perfume or cream. You should also take off the wristband during sports and in the sauna.